Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Its just amazing what little sponges children's brains are...

Ben is learning to read, spell, and write sentences more quickly than I ever would have imagined. He knows punctuation already. "Mom! You forgot a period there!" And I have to admit, I'm a little sad he doesn't mix up the name for this ---> ?, anymore. He used to call it a "martian quest." LOL. I'll miss that.

Another sign of growing up: Ben WILL NOT permit me to hug/kiss him in the lunchroom at school where the other kids are when I drop him off in the morning. He stops me short of the door way everyday, pulls me gently down by the arm and whispers, "You can hug me right here, Mom." WAAAAHHHH!!! He's FIVE!!!! Man, I expected this in first grade, but this is only the second month of Kindergarten! What's going on here?! At least he still holds my hand. I'm clinging to that ... (until that's embarrassing too...) :-(

Xavier is doing great in school too...continuing to learn to use a 'switch' for communication, and he's definitely picking up more consonants. He's saying "Dadada!" now for Nick. And I can't be sure, but I THINK he has said "Bububu" for Ben in the last couple days. He's also learning a great deal about being patient and tolerant of differences in routine.

Last Sunday, we were working on Ben's homework for Monday. He needed to find an item to put in the "secret bag" for school...a guessing game to share with his classmates. He was to write four clues to read to the class, and have them guess what he hid in the bag.

After MUCH deliberation, he chose an item and wrote these clues. He came up with them entirely on his own. I helped him sound out and spell the words he didn't know...(click on the picture for a closer look)


Ah-ha! Its a bike bell!
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Here's Bennett, posing cheesily with his spelling test from Friday. Go Ben!


Xavier, babbling away at me on the couch after school on Friday. :-)

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