Monday, September 21, 2009

September (aka - post for Rachel)

I LOVE fall. Perhaps not as much as my friend, Rachel, but I do love it. This post is a tribute to the start of the fall season, and to one of the people who understands me and my life like probably no other person can. Love ya, Rachey :-)

Yes, I live in the country:
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For 3 years now, Rachel has been raving about how great it is to have her front porch decorated for the fall. She goes all out every year, and is quite the homemaker and gardener, so this is small potatoes compared to her efforts. But, like I said, I do LOVE all things fall, AND I had the time this year because the boys are in, I'm giving it a shot, and here's what I've got out front so far:

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And just some early fall shots from a recent walk:


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Yay for Fall! Yay for Rachel! I'm so grateful for your friendship :-)


Trent said...

Okay, I LOVED this post and now I am on Hiatus!! Love the front porch and glad I have inspired you to enjoy the Seasons more! Oh and make some Homemade Milky Way Hot Chocolate! In a saucepan combine as many cups of milk and the rule is 1 full Milky Way bar melted for each cup of milk!!! Extra NUTRICIOUS!!!! Okay--NOW I am officially on H-I-A-T-U-S from blogging until November 1st. Starting N---o---w-----(Seinfeld)


Kristy said...

thanks, Rachel :-)
I'll try the hot chocolate recipe soon (its sounds too good not to try!)

AND, dare I say it? Yes. I do. I don't think you'll make it until Nov. 1st. There. Its out in the open now. Like a big matza ball. (Seinfeld, AGAIN!) HA!