Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our day at the pool

The last Sunday in July, we packed up to go to a nearby pool to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Before I tell you about that: Poor Xavier's irritability has been out of control the last several months. We try so many things to help him with transitions, etc., but nothing seems to be working anymore. So, sadly, screaming has become the norm at our household. And when I say screaming, picture this: a 5 year old on a roller coaster who is absolutely terrified. That's what the screaming sounds like. Yeah, pleasant. HA!

On the day we decided to go to the pool for the afternoon, Xavier was particularly cranky. He screamed all the way there, all the way from the car to the entrance. At which point, I, myself, had a little fit of my own, and decided I was not entering the pool area with him screaming like that. After being tolerant and patient with weeks and weeks of him screaming in the car, at home, in stores, almost everywhere, really, for a good portion of the day, at that moment, I'd had it. So I refused to go in, and have people staring at us while Xavier screamed. We packed up, turned back around, dropped Xavier off at Nick's parents' house (bless their hearts for being always willing to help us with him), and went back. I was resolved Bennett would still have the day at the pool he was looking forward to.

I feel terrible that Xavier is so irritable, anxious, and angry about things we don't know how to help him with. And for Ben, who has to endure the screaming and alterations in plans to accomodate it.

So anyway, the screaming behind us (for the next few hours anyway), we actually had a very fun time soaking in the sunshine and splashing around.

We were sad Xavier wasn't there...but we're feeling some consolation in that we're in the process of figuring out how to help him...more on that later.


Rachel said...

Bens snow cone looks great right now! What a fun outing even though the first part was stressful. Glad you went back with Ben cause it looked like it was worth it!

Melissa said...

It sounds like the ended good and Ben had fun!

I'm sorry Xavier is having such a hard time lately. I hope you can figure out how to get the little guy help soon. I hate thinking about him in pain so I'm sure it's even more devasting for you.