Thursday, July 26, 2007

A trip to the zoo!

One recent sunny Saturday, we made a trip to the Akron Zoo with our friends Melissa, Hannah, and Debbie. When I was on the zoo's website that morning, looking up some information, Ben looked over my shoulder at all the pictures of animals on the page and said, "look at all the animals! the zoo?" I said, "yes, Benny, would you like to go to the zoo today?" He shouted, "YES! I SO EXCITED!!" So off we went! Despite the hot sun, and Xavier's screaming the entire first 30 min of being there, we had a super time. Xavier settled down after eating lunch and after that was a very happy camper, especially when we walked past the live band. He loves loud music!

Ben and the lemur, he said, "I want to climb with the monkey!"

When Benny looked at this next picture for the first time, he said, "I walk on the bridge like Diego!" (his favorite TV show character)

Nick, Xavier, and Ben, enjoying the live band music:

Ben at the petting zoo

Nick, Xavier and Ben looking at the monkeys:

Xavier and the Komodo Dragon:

When seeing the Komodo dragon, Benny, who was holding his toy lizard, said, "Hey big lizard! Look at my lizard!!" as he held his lizard up to the glass for the Komodo dragon to see :)

Ben and Hannah going rock climbing :)

My 2 silly penguins named Xavier and Ben:

Nick and Xavier sitting in a shady spot taking a break from the hot sun!

Xavier loved the penguins!


Melissa said...

I love all the action shots of Ben, especially bridge picture! We had a great time with you all at the zoo!

Aunt Kelly said...

I love the picture of Ben and the lemur. Was he loving that or what? The penguin pictures could win a contest!