Monday, April 23, 2007

"Daddy build swingset! Ben swing!"

That's all we heard this weekend from Ben! Nick put up our new swingset this weekend (with a little help from me when 2 people were needed and when the boys were napping...) The boys are thrilled, and so are we - a new way to entertain them!

Here's work in progress (Ben couldn't wait to use the slide, can you tell?)

Ben sitting on the slide enjoying the sunshine-

Ben on his new glider, a little too short to make it go by himself yet, but I bet by the end of the summer he'll be gliding along self-propelled!

Strong man Benny hanging from the trapeze. What the picture can't tell you is how long he can hang there while swinging...his upper body strength is almost super human (for a 2 year old I mean!)

Here's sweet Xavier still trying to enjoy our beautiful weekend weather despite a fever of 103 and a cold. In the picture he's underneath the fort of the swingset in the shade (it got up to near 80!).

The almost finished swingset as of last night...the ladder, fort railings and tarp need to go up still, with hopefully some nice weather on our side that should be done in no time!


Melissa said...

The swingset looks great! I love the glider...our neighbors have one and Hannah loves going on it with her friend Annika. Ben and Xavier will have a fun filled summer with their new park in the backyard! Have you gotten a swing for Xavier?

Aunt Kelly said...

How's come we never had a swingset like that? But our little model sure gave me lots of fond memories with you.