Thursday, March 29, 2007

Xavier and his equestrian activites :)

Here are some photos from today's hippotherapy session. CJ the horse and Xavier really like each other. In fact today, when CJ heard Xavier and I walk into the barn, he immediately stuck his head out of his stall and let out a big sigh that sounded very happy (to me anyway). We went over to say hi and Xavier talked to him for a little bit before he started riding. His wonderful PT Heather works with him on trunk control and head control. We have noticed a huge improvement in his tone and strength, in fact tonight he was sitting without supporting himself with his hands for a few seconds at a time. Amazing! Thank you CJ and Heather!


Melissa said...

That's so great! He looks like such a big boy up on that horse!

Aunt Kelly said...

What a great activity for Xavier!